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I just wanted to let you know that I now have a new site, which combines both my portfolio and my blog. I’ll try and keep it up-to-date with what I’ve been up to and anything else I find particularly interesting… Why not have a look?

Happy New Year Wallpapers

download all

Happy New Year – let’s hope it’s a good one.

You may remember that I used to create a Desktop Calendar Wallpaper each month. Well, life got a bit hectic and I missed a couple of months – the world didn’t end and I wasn’t swamped with angry requests for the missing wallpapers, so I decide to stop doing them. One less thing to stress about every month and all that…

However, I have had several requests to make certain wallpapers available without the calendar info which sort of defeats the object but makes perfect sense at the same time – if you like one of the images why limit using it to a month?

So I’ve collected the  images from all the calendars I ever did, removed the text and saved them out into one handy zip you can download here or by clicking on the image above – enjoy.

Merry Christmas Everybody


BT – A Song Across Wires

Today I have mostly been listening to BT’s wonderful new album, A Song Across Wires.

If you already know BT then you probably know all about it and what to expect, if not then you really should take a listen and see what you’re missing out on.

The only problem from my point of view is that there’s 3 versions of the album but only 1 version of the cover artwork, so I made a couple of variations on a theme for my iTunes library and thought I’d post them here for anybody else that’s sad enough to care about that sort of thing…

Just click on either of them to grab the full size versions.

BT A Song Across Wires Continuous Mix BT A Song Across Wires Extended

If you haven’t got the album then it’s available on iTunes (regular & continuous mix) or BeatPort for the extended mixes. It’s his usual mix of great tunes, perfect production with a dash of added dubstep – good stuff.

Spendigo the holiday expense tracker app

Spendigo icon

I’m pleased to announce that my friend Torsten’s first app, Spendigo has just been released in the App Store. Apart from a serious amount of beta testing, I’ve also supplied the icon and splash screen.

Spendigo keeps track of your holiday spending so that when you get back you can find out where all your money went – in fact the app was called Where Did It Go? during development:)

It’s simple to add an expense, assign a category and get on with your day. The app handles currency conversions, different views of your spends and running totals (don’t worry, you can switch the running total off if you’d rather not know how much you’re spending until you get home).

A lot of love and hard work has gone into this app and if you’re looking for a way to track your holiday expenses then you really should take a look: click here for App Store link

AmbiHue app

AmbiHue, our latest app, has just hit the App Store

You may have seen those high-end televisions that feature ambient backlighting where the TV casts a wash of light on the wall behind itself, changing colour according to what’s on the screen. AmbiHue is designed to help you recreate the same effect in your own home for considerably less!
All you need is a set of PhiIips Hue bulbs. Place one or more bulbs behind your TV, launch AmbiHue and point your device’s camera at the screen. Now watch your bulbs change colour in response to the on-screen action! Of course you don’t need to use AmbiHue with your TV, you can just use it as a fun way to control the colour of your PhiIips Hue bulbs to create dynamic mood lighting effects. Why not point the camera at your clothes to match your lighting to your wardrobe? Or point it out the window so your home lighting changes to match the sunset?

If you’re interested, you can find it here

iPhone 4 AmbiHue Promo strip

Hyperrealistic Animals Created by Painting on Layers of Resin


I saw this and it blew my mind…

Even when you get your head around how Keng Lye produces these intricate works of art, you’ll still wonder how he does it…

Full story and more example at  My Modern Met


April 2013 calendar desktop wallpaper


Happy Easter! Here’s this month’s desktop calendar.

As you can see, I’m continuing with my architectural photography series – as per usual, just click on the image above for the full size version.

Another little App Store scam…?

Whilst browsing the App Store the other day I spotted something I hadn’t seen before…

It’s common practice for developers to release several versions of the same app but normally there’s some logic to it i.e. a free version so that people can try it out, a normal version and then occasionally a pro or HD version. But this looked different – this looked like the same app being released multiple times with slightly different names and icons. Even stranger – they weren’t even all by the same developer…

Have a look at the screengrabs below to see what I mean.

I suppose the logic is if you flood the App Store with your apps it’s more likely that a user will click on one of them but it seems like a lot of effort to go to. As a developer myself I know how much effort is involved in setting up publisher accounts, prepping and submitting apps etc and I’m not sure it would be worth the trouble.

Has anybody else noticed this happening? It’s bad enough trying to find quality apps whilst wading through a sea of similar apps without having to wade through dozens of identical apps…

March 2013 calendar desktop wallpaper


Here’s March’s desktop – something a little bit different this month.

I’ve been posting some architectural shots on my 500px account recently and thought I’d try making a desktop with one.

As per usual, just click on the image above for the full size version.

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