Bing Crosby: who knew a dead guy could release so many albums…

None other than the late, great, Bing Crosby has alerted me to an annoying limitation within iTunes.

I use the iTunes Alert feature to keep me up to date with new releases by my favourite artists and it’s proven to be very useful many times over. You can manually set which artists you want iTunes to alert you to and it automatically adds any artist that you purchase music by to your alerts list as well.

And that’s where the problem comes in – it assumes that if you buy a track by somebody then you must like them and want to be kept up to date with all their new releases. But what if you buy a track for somebody else? And what if that track is by an artist that you have no interest in? And what if that artist (even though dead for many years) releases several albums EVERY week?

Every time I see a new alert email from Apple or I check my alerts page within iTunes, I am swamped by Bing Crosby releases. A quick check reveals upwards of 700 Bing Crosby albums in the iTunes store and more added every week. And there’s no way to remove Bing Crosby from my Alerts list because he was automatically added rather than manually. The only option I have is the nuclear one – untick the box that says ‘Send me alerts about artists I’ve previously downloaded’ which will prevent me getting the alerts I want.

Of course, if I could see who was on this list I could manually add those artists to my alerts list, but of course, I can’t see or edit that list.

So come on Apple, please sort out this annoying little UI inconsistency and save me from death by Bing Crosby…

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