Secret iPad Multitouch gestures – not quite magical

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how you can add multi-touch gestures to your iPad running iOS 4.3. So I decided to give it a go…

Many people have been wondering why Apple built the functionality in but didn’t activate it but after trying it out on my iPad I think I know why. It’s just not ready for prime time yet but it’s not Apple’s fault…

In theory it’s great – use 4 or 5 fingers to swipe left and right between running apps, up and down to show/hide the multitasking apps bar and then pinch out to the home screen. They all work well and zooming out to the home screen is particularly impressive with your app icons coming in from all sides of the screen – great to do in slow motion :)

In practice though, not so great. I discovered that many of the apps I use on a regular basis (or at least keep open on the iPad) still don’t support multitasking. So instead of swiping cleanly from one running app to another you see a lot of blank screens that then have to refresh and load their contents. I know this is the case when switching between apps in the normal way but somehow it seems far more intrusive  this way – it breaks the illusion, destroys the ‘magic’.

But quitting out of the offending apps and launching a handful of Apple’s own, shows just how cool it is when it works properly. It’s about time more developers jumped on board and supported multitasking properly because Apple aren’t going to keep this hidden away for ever…



  1. I totally agree with you. Also, I don’t know about the iPad 2, but on the iPad 1 the animation isn’t always silky smooth. I’d like that.

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