Sky News iPad app

In case you’ve missed it, Sky have recently released their news app for the iPad.

I won’t really comment on the quality of the content but they’ve really tried hard with the interface to create something new and a bit different, specially designed for touch devices.

The app only runs in landscape mode and offers two ways of viewing the news – the Timeline view where stories are arranged in a chronological order. You can swipe left and right and easily follow a sequence of news reports…

The other view is Top Stories, a grid with the most important stories featured at the top. In this mode you scroll down to see the days less important news…

As you can see, most of the the thumbnails have a small play button in the bottom left corner and tapping this starts to play the video in situ – a nice touch (no pun intended). However, tapping the thumbnail itself opens up a screen devoted to the story, customised with a relevant graphical background. The main video clip is now surrounded by related info – other video clips, text pieces, interactive graphics and maps.

The simple interface hides a surprising amount of depth of content that’s only there when you want it.

You can continue to play the video in a smaller window while you browse related content or, of course, watch it full screen.

A final touch is the Live button, which, unsurprisingly switches to a full screen livestream of whatever is currently being broadcast.

For a first version it’s a surprisingly good app. Intuitive to use, stable and with some very nice UI features that I haven’t seen anywhere else so go and grab a copy today and see what you think…

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