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ActionNotes 1.3 Outstanding Action Points list

We’ve just released the latest version of ActionNotes (1.3) with by far the most requested new feature so far – that ability to see all outstanding Action Points in one place.

I’ve continued the real/virtual notebook metaphor by putting the list on the inside back cover and I’m quite proud of the way it’s been implemented. You can use the coloured buttons at the top of the screen as a filter to see all, or any combination of, your outstanding tasks.

If you’ve not tried the app out yet, why not download the PDF Guide that gives an overview of the app and features some of the early user feedback…

I’ve really enjoyed working out the UI on this app and seeing how far I can push the concept of the virtual notebook before it breaks. It seems to be working judging by most of the user feedback. As soon as people get their heads around the idea of how the information is structured, they’re swiping between inside covers, dividers and note pages as easily as they would with a real book.

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