ActionNotes 1.3 Outstanding Action Points list

We’ve just released the latest version of ActionNotes (1.3) with by far the most requested new feature so far – that ability to see all outstanding Action Points in one place.

I’ve continued the real/virtual notebook metaphor by putting the list on the inside back cover and I’m quite proud of the way it’s been implemented. You can use the coloured buttons at the top of the screen as a filter to see all, or any combination of, your outstanding tasks.

If you’ve not tried the app out yet, why not download the PDF Guide that gives an overview of the app and features some of the early user feedback…

I’ve really enjoyed working out the UI on this app and seeing how far I can push the concept of the virtual notebook before it breaks. It seems to be working judging by most of the user feedback. As soon as people get their heads around the idea of how the information is structured, they’re swiping between inside covers, dividers and note pages as easily as they would with a real book.

    • Steve
    • May 18th, 2011

    I love the new features of the consolidated action items, however I prefer the implementation with the filters (reached from the task link on the index page) rather than the simplified view on the search page (by flicking right). It would be nice to have the same filter view in both places.

    My next two desired features (which would make it the perfect notes/action item app in my opinion) would be:

    (1) The ability to add indented bullet points to the notes (possibly through an addition to the standard keyboard with various numbered list options, or bullet types, e.g. a, b, c, 1, 2, 3, i, ii, iii, o, -, ->)

    (2) A priority setting for the tasks. I understand a full ‘due date’ implementation would be difficult and complicate the simplicity of the interface, but a priority setting that could be defined later by say multiple taps on the action item text (to set a low, medium high priority flag) would be very useful – especially if you can sort by the priority level as well on the index page.

    Thanks for all the good work – one of the best value Apps I have downloaded to-date.

    • Hi Steve

      Thanks for the kind words and suggestions – glad you like the app.

      We take a note of every feature request and obviously try to prioritise the most requested ones first and your votes have been added to the list.

      To be honest, we’ve implemented nine new features since the app came out (barely a month ago) and these were the ones that were way out ahead…

      We’re now in a position where we have literally hundreds of feature requests and we’re currently trying to get our heads around what to do next :)

      We might just try and spend a little while polishing what we’ve got (like adding the filters to the search page as well :) and fixing a couple of bugs while we wait for a clear winner to come out in the requests.

      From a design perspective the trick is to add new features in an almost invisible but intuitive way without just adding loads of new buttons everywhere.

      Anyway, glad you like the app – help us spread the word by telling friends and leaving a good review in the App Store.



    • Jason
    • June 15th, 2012

    Can we customize the colors? Can we have more than six colors? :D

    • Hi Jason

      Because of the way ActionNotes is coded (it’s quite a graphics heavy app) we can’t give the user free reign to use any colour they like but you do have a choice of 18 colours at the moment – with more to be added in the future…



        • Jason CH Yap
        • June 18th, 2012

        My apologies. Wasn’t clear in my comment. From the graphics, there seems to be six tabs and/or colors at a time. My question was more if we could get more tabs at one time. I generally split up my “life” into nine parts (work, knowledge, etc) and would like to have nine tabs, whatever the colors … Thanks …

      • Hi Jason

        No problem. The simple answer is that you can only have 6 tabs in your notebook – the more complex answer is that you can have as many notebooks as you like and therefore as many tabs as you like, but not all in the same notebook…. The search feature is global though and searches through all your notebooks and jumps you instantly to the correct one which might help…



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