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Why do I like Lady Gaga’s new album so much?

I’m a straight, middle aged man, so why do I like Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way album so much?

You wouldn’t think I was her target audience, but the more I hear of it, the more I think that maybe I am. I don’t mean me specifically (as far as I know she’s never met me) but I think she’s being really clever and trying to extend her already massive appeal to a much wider audience.

This album has added a huge dollop of Euro-dance & 80s pop/rock into the mix – think, Cher, Journey etc. There’s guitars, synths and even a bloody saxophone. More importantly there’s lots of big tunes and catchy choruses. This is going to make her an even bigger star than she is already, and she deserves it. In these sad days of Pop Idol & Britain’s Got Talent, thank God for Lady GaGa. She as mad as a box of frogs and you never quite know what she’s going to do next (which is a good thing).

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