Aelios – a unique iPad weather app

I love my iPad and for some strange reason, I love weather apps (probably because I’m British and we’re obsessed with the weather) so I was really interested to see Aelios released in the App Store today.

They’ve got a really unique take on the weather app – basically a large, beautifully designed lens sits in the centre of your screen (I like the tiny ‘Swiss Made’ text – nice touch :) on top of a Google map of the earth.

As you’d expect you can pan and zoom in/out to your heart’s content, all the while the pointer in the centre of the lens locks on to the closest town or city. Once you’ve found a location, the background dims and a 24 hour weather forecast appears starting from ‘now’ and extending into tomorrow. A twist of the dial changes this to a seven day forecast. That’s all there is to it but it’s beautifully executed and more to the point, fun to use.

Improvements I’d like to see in the next version: an option to override the auto-lock so that I can keep it running and the ability to save a list of favourite places.

Disclaimer – my son was involved in helping them with their promotional material (but I didn’t get a free copy)

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