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Saving Grace – Travel Packing Aid for your iPhone

Saving Grace, the latest app that I’ve been involved, is available in the App Store as on today – and the best news is it’s FREE.

Saving Grace by Grace Hotels is a packing check list and reminder tool all in one. Designed to cut the stress of packing.

The app has pre-set lists for different trip types – winter, summer, activity holiday or a short break. Activities include specific lists for surfing, cycling, golf, diving, fishing, camping etc.

Today we’ll find out what iCloud really is…

There’s been an enormous amount of speculation surrounding Apple’s upcoming iCloud announcement and in a few short hours we’ll find out just what it’s really all about.

Will we be able to stream our complete music collection to any iDevice we own? Maybe all our movies and photos as well? Will iCloud allow us to sync all our info between all of our devices – a MobileMe replacement? Or maybe it’s something much bigger than that…

My favourite quote so far is from Kevin Fox, a Silicon Valley software veteran who’s worked at Apple, Yahoo and Google.

“… given the complete failure of MobileMe over the last decade there’s no way Apple would introduce [iCloud] on such a pedestal unless it’s incredible. My guess is that iCloud is to MobileMe as iPhone was to Newton: a complete, deep, polished solution after an underwhelming market failure.”

So let’s hope we’re not underwhelmed in a few hours time…

June 2011 calendar desktop wallpaper

Here’s this month’s calendar wallpaper. The photo this time is one that I took for a current client project and liked enough to repurpose.

Just click on the image above for the full size version

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