OS X Lion’s new Application Windows view

I’ve been using Lion, Apple’s new operating system for a few days now and have really been enjoying exploring all the new features, but I stumbled across one a couple of days ago that I hadn’t seen mentioned before…

The new Mission Control combines elements of Exposé & Spaces into one view and, once you get your head round it, is an excellent way of seeing what’s going on on your computer. So much so in fact that I’d forgotten all about the old Exposé Applications view – this used to show you all the open windows for a specific application rather than everything, which was pretty useful if you had a lot going on… Now it’s been upgraded but seemingly with very little fanfare.

In the screengrab above you can see the large window at the top of the screen is my currently open window but the scrolling row of thumbnails below represents all the recently opened documents in chronological order – very useful! I’m not sure where Lion pulls this info from – you can delete your recent document history from the Apple menu and it has no effect on this. It would be nice to be able to edit it in an interactive way to make it a bit more useful but maybe that’s coming soon…

You can customise the keystroke or mouse button that invokes the command in the Mission Control system preference pane.

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