Steve Jobs – the Man Who Changed The World – RIP

I woke up today to the sad news that Steve Jobs had passed away. Whilst not unexpected, it still bought a tear to my eye. The world will be a less interesting place without him.

Our world would be a very different place without him. He created the personal computer industry, bought us windows and mice and little icons on screen that you click, gave inanimate objects personality (with the Mac), changed the way we listen to and consume music (with Tunes & the iPod), re-invented the mobile phone industry and created a whole new way on interacting with our world (with the iPhone & iPad)… Oh and don’t forget Pixar, who changed the world of animated movies forever.

Every one of you out there has at least one (and I’m guessing several) gadgets that you use everyday that owe a big debt to Steve. Like I said, the world will be less interesting without him.

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