Andy Blackford Communications

I’d just like take a moment to tell you about a site I’ve just designed for Andy Blackford Communications. Andy is a gifted writer (and all-round fascinating bloke) that I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a number of projects, so I was delighted to be involved.

Training the makers and buyers of creative work.

The focus of the new site is on a series of short training courses that Andy has crafted to improve the performance of those who create marketing communications, and to sharpen the judgement of those who buy them.

I’d also recommend that you sign-up for Andy’s newsletter and get a free copy of his excellent book, The Hatchback of Votre Dame, a witty and often controversial look at marketing communications.

Built entirely in WordPress the site uses a bold but simple design and a striking black, grey and gold colour scheme. Why not take a quick look – for readers of a certain age that fact that Andy was the man behind the Umbongo commercials (included on the site) will be all you need to know…

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