Chameleon Clock rip-off update


If you’re interested in the story of how our App Chameleon Clock has been shamelessly ripped-off then you might like a little update…

Apple seem to have done very little so far other than to comment that ‘the dispute seems to be unresolved’. The other company are refusing to remove their App and I think it’s obviously about time Apple stepped up and helped protect the rights of their legitimate developers. I say ‘legitimate’ because the other guys business seems to be based around ripping off other companies apps and bolstering them with obviously fake 5 star reviews.

Our latest response to Apple is as follows:

‘Apple, please make a stand here. It’s ridiculous that their app is still available. Not only are Orangeport refusing to amend their application so that it doesn’t infringe on our IP, they now have the cheek to try and fight it out by demanding to see International Trademark Registration Certificates. This is just a delaying tactic as it’s obvious to anybody that they are blatantly stealing our idea.

Have a look at the App Store pages for both Apps and you’ll plainly see that a) ours came out first, b) they stole the name and concept and c) they even copied the images used i.e. screen 1: a chameleon lizard sitting in front on an iPad with green leaves in the background, screen 2: the iPad shown in front of a wood texture, screen 4/5: an iPad in front of a sunset.

Not only have they stolen the name, idea and marketing materials, they’ve also copied the App’s operation i.e. tap digits to change colour and swipe to adjust transparency – as described in their App Store text.

Even the reviews of their app are probably fake – only 5 star reviews and all from users who have never reviewed another app.

We strongly feel that an app like theirs should never have been approved in the first place and that as part of the approval process, Apple should, at the very least, perform a quick check of existing apps to make sure that the newly submitted app isn’t blatantly copying an existing app.

So please step in and stand up for the rights of your legitimate developers and remove their app from sale until such time as they resubmit it in a manner that doesn’t infringe our IP so blatantly.

ps. if you want more evidence as to what sort of developer Orangeport are, do an App Store search for WTHR and you’ll find not only the original and well reviewed WTHRdial app but also an Orangeport one with two of the most hilariously fake 5 star reviews ever (in the UK store) – bear in mind these are for a weather app:

‘That’s how a multi-functional application should look like. It does anything I need and more (over 12 functions). It’s so enormous that you surf it for days and still find something new each time’ 

‘One of the few applications that meet the aesthetic and function perfect! The information contained in a traditional style, lovingly illustrated and retailers!’

Let’s see what happens next…
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