EnergyFlow iPad App


This one has nothing to do with me, but if you’re a fan of beautiful visuals then it’s worth a look…

Each time you start the app you spin a top which generates a random number which determines the choice and sequence of some lovely rendered video clips.

EnergyFlow_0001_Layer 18

Pretentious and arty farty? Maybe but it’s free and you can’t argue with that – so give it go… what have you got to lose?

Get the app here or find out more on their website

EnergyFlow_0000_Layer 19 EnergyFlow_0002_Layer 17 EnergyFlow_0003_Layer 16 EnergyFlow_0004_Layer 15 EnergyFlow_0005_Layer 14 EnergyFlow_0006_Layer 13 EnergyFlow_0007_Layer 12 EnergyFlow_0008_Layer 11 EnergyFlow_0009_Layer 10 EnergyFlow_0010_Layer 9 EnergyFlow_0011_Layer 8 EnergyFlow_0012_Layer 7 EnergyFlow_0013_Layer 6 EnergyFlow_0014_Layer 5 EnergyFlow_0015_Layer 4 EnergyFlow_0016_Layer 3 EnergyFlow_0017_Layer 2 EnergyFlow_0018_Layer 1 EnergyFlow_0019_Background

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