Another little App Store scam…?

Whilst browsing the App Store the other day I spotted something I hadn’t seen before…

It’s common practice for developers to release several versions of the same app but normally there’s some logic to it i.e. a free version so that people can try it out, a normal version and then occasionally a pro or HD version. But this looked different – this looked like the same app being released multiple times with slightly different names and icons. Even stranger – they weren’t even all by the same developer…

Have a look at the screengrabs below to see what I mean.

I suppose the logic is if you flood the App Store with your apps it’s more likely that a user will click on one of them but it seems like a lot of effort to go to. As a developer myself I know how much effort is involved in setting up publisher accounts, prepping and submitting apps etc and I’m not sure it would be worth the trouble.

Has anybody else noticed this happening? It’s bad enough trying to find quality apps whilst wading through a sea of similar apps without having to wade through dozens of identical apps…

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