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April 2013 calendar desktop wallpaper


Happy Easter! Here’s this month’s desktop calendar.

As you can see, I’m continuing with my architectural photography series – as per usual, just click on the image above for the full size version.

Fabian Oefner creates beautiful magnetic photographs

I’ve never seen anything quite like these so I thought I’d share them with you.

Photographer Fabian Oefner creates these by mixing ferrofluid with water color and putting it into a magnetic field.

Check out his site or this feature from Wired to see and find out more or follow him on 500px.

iPad app Icons – The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp

Late last year I was lucky enough to be asked to design an iPad app collecting the work of Curtis Knapp.

Although the name sounded familiar, I couldn’t place him until I saw the images – then I realised that, as a music fan, I’d been familiar with his work for years. There’s a fantastic selection of music and movie icons on display here including Madonna, Andy Warhol, REM, Slash, Debbie Harry and many, many more. Continue reading

Hype Photography


Hype Photography have just launched their new site and they’re showcasing a new photo every day for the first ten days. Today’s star is Pixel, my Bearded Dragon.

Apart from the handsome looking lizard there’s plenty more to browse in the galleries section. Well worth a look as there’s some beautiful work on display.

Check out their site here and/or follow them on Flickr.

Brilliant skeleton light paintings

Jannepaint is doing some brilliant light paintings (long exposure capturing a moving light source as a continuous trail – no studio trickery involved).

Love the skeleton theme. Check out his set over at Flickr.

Beautiful 24 hour photograph

This spectacular photo shows a whole 24 sequencefull details here

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