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BT – A Song Across Wires

Today I have mostly been listening to BT’s wonderful new album, A Song Across Wires.

If you already know BT then you probably know all about it and what to expect, if not then you really should take a listen and see what you’re missing out on.

The only problem from my point of view is that there’s 3 versions of the album but only 1 version of the cover artwork, so I made a couple of variations on a theme for my iTunes library and thought I’d post them here for anybody else that’s sad enough to care about that sort of thing…

Just click on either of them to grab the full size versions.

BT A Song Across Wires Continuous Mix BT A Song Across Wires Extended

If you haven’t got the album then it’s available on iTunes (regular & continuous mix) or BeatPort for the extended mixes. It’s his usual mix of great tunes, perfect production with a dash of added dubstep – good stuff.

Why do I like Lady Gaga’s new album so much?

I’m a straight, middle aged man, so why do I like Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way album so much?

You wouldn’t think I was her target audience, but the more I hear of it, the more I think that maybe I am. I don’t mean me specifically (as far as I know she’s never met me) but I think she’s being really clever and trying to extend her already massive appeal to a much wider audience.

This album has added a huge dollop of Euro-dance & 80s pop/rock into the mix – think, Cher, Journey etc. There’s guitars, synths and even a bloody saxophone. More importantly there’s lots of big tunes and catchy choruses. This is going to make her an even bigger star than she is already, and she deserves it. In these sad days of Pop Idol & Britain’s Got Talent, thank God for Lady GaGa. She as mad as a box of frogs and you never quite know what she’s going to do next (which is a good thing).

Creature by Andrew Zuckerman

This wonderful book is now available in paperback.

Creature is a fantastic selection of high resolution photos of animals (or bits of animals) shot against a stark white studio background. Although all the shots are obviously posed this allows you to focus on each of the animal’s unique characters. Look at this little guy…

I’ve posted a few more of my favourites after the break. Continue reading

Leatherman Skeletool

Apart from having a really cool name and looking great, the Leatherman Skeletool is probably the most useful little tool I’ve ever owned.

Now, I’m not an outdoors kind of a guy and I’m not big on DIY either, so I don’t have a large collection of tools and to be honest what really attracted me to this thing was the fact that it looked so cool. So I bought one while on holiday in the US (much cheaper) and sensibly, didn’t try to get it on to the plane in my hand luggage.

My job dictates that I’m pretty deskbound so won’t even pretend that I’ve taken it out of the house since I got it but it’s still proven itself useful numerous times. Opening packages, prising stuck batteries out of mice, opening the odd bottle of beer – you name it, the Skeletool has been there to help. Plus the novelty of of transforming it from one tool to another has never worn off…


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