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Why I love my HTC Desire Android phone…

Whilst my friend (we really have known each other for more decades than I really want to think about), Dave Hornsby exemplifies consumer intransigence at it’s worst, I simply choose not too. And I’m not an Apple basher; I’m an Apple iPhone rejecter.

I use a MacBook Pro and listen to an iPod Classic; I want the old Apple TV with the hard drive but not the new one. The only thing stopping me from spending £2000+ for the top of the range MacBook Pro is that I don’t have the funds. Nothing else. Not even the fact that I could buy four 17inch Dell laptops for the same price.

I have not owned an iPhone but I have had my hands on both, the first and the latest. I thought the first iPhone was a design masterpiece, bold and heading out where Apple head best, left of field, which Apple then make popular and user friendly. I understood the iPhone 4 though, its need to look like a blinged up Nokia, all in an effort to appeal to the corporate set. A no-brainer really and that’s exactly what I think of the iPhone 4, a cosmetic no-brainer. For those who have forgotten Apple’s early ad campaign, which asked us only to: Think. Continue reading

Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK preview available for developers

OK, Android developers, go and grab your copy of Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb if you haven’t already.

A developer preview is available now – see what you can do with it.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb screenshots

After the initial video preview, Google have released some screenshots from the upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb release.

The initial video didn’t really give you a good chance to see what’s coming but these screens will enable Android users to see what’s in store for them. I’m not entirely convinced but I’ll wait until I get a chance to play with it in the flesh. Whereas Apple took the strategy of making the iPad look and feel just like a big iPhone, Android have used the greater space and spread everything out a bit which gives the screens a rather empty feel with no real cohesion between them.

See what you think here

AlessiTab: a beautiful Android Tablet

Italian designers Alessi have come up with their take on a tablet and, as you’s expect, it looks stunning.

I can’t wait to see one in the flesh (plastic?) but although it looks great I can’t imagine it it will be enough to convert me to Android. Maybe I could justify one to just sit and look cool in the kitchen?

Android 3.0 Honeycomb video preview

Here’s a little video taste of what Google’s Android 3.0 (or Honeycomb) looks like.
This is the first version built specifically for mobile tablets, so the first real (software) competition to the iPad’s iOS. It’s a bit tricky to tell what with all the fast cuts in the video, but it doesn’t look too bad at all. Which is great because some good competition will keep Apple on their toes.

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