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iPad app icon that I’m working on…

Here’s a quick look at an icon I’m designing for an upcoming iPad app I’m working on…

More info over at Dribbble…

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP – iPad game meets art

Fancy trying something a little bit different on your iPad this weekend? Why not give Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP a go?

It’s got a unique retro look that looks far better in real life than any screenshots can do justice to, a great soundtrack and the dialogue has a post modern, knowing air about it… Continue reading

ActionNotes for the iPad is out today

I love the idea of using the iPad as a notepad but the reality is that the built-in Notes app from Apple just doesn’t cut it.

Using a real life notepad it’s easy to quickly fill an A4 page with notes and highlight the important stuff by underlining it or putting a star next to it, but there is no way to do that it Apple’s app – you just end up with a whole lot of text that all looks the same… Not only that, but there’s no way to file or organise your notes after you’ve made them.

I looked at some of the other alternatives and found them to be fiddly to use with too many tools and modes or just plain ugly, so we decided to create ActionNotes to give users the beautiful note taking experience the iPad deserves. Continue reading

Tiny Wings is a great iOS game

If you’re sick of Angry Birds and want to give something else a go, then I can really recommend Tiny Wings.

You only use one finger to make the little bird stop flapping his tiny wings and fall back down to earth, so it’s just matter of timing his falls correctly to hit the hilly landscape at the right angle to propel him back into the sky further and faster than before. Continue reading

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