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PhotoFramePlus featured on Stylish iPad Apps

Thanks Guys – Stylish iPad Apps.

iPad App Store gets search filters

Apple has quietly introduced a set of search filters to the iPad version of their App Store.

Once you done a search the filters appear along the top of the results page and can be used to refine your results ie. recently released free iPad apps with high customer ratings. Very nice.

Playlist Alarm Clock ‘one of the best’ iPhone alarm clocks

According to a recent post by TUAW rounding up their favourite iPhone alarm clock apps, our Playlist AlarmClock is one of the best!

Playlist Alarm Clock lets you set up two playlists, one to send you off to sleep and one to wake you up. So pick you favourite chillout tunes and set the volume to fade out, then drift off to sleep.  Then be woken up in the morning by something a bit livelier… Of course, you can specify different volumes for each list and choose an amount of time for the music to fade in or out.

Thanks guys!

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