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Ecommerce Futures Conference print material

The Ecommerce Futures Conference is happening today at the British Library but if you can’t make it here’s a quick look at some of the event material that I designed…

iPad retina display – Curtis Knapp app

You may remember that I recently posted about an iPad app I had the pleasure of working on called Icons – The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp.

Well the app has just been updated to support the new iPad’s retina display (and dropped in price to just 69p/99c so there’s no excuse not to grab a copy) and as part of that process I had to recreate some of the graphics at the new resolution of 2048 x 1536 and it wasn’t until I did that I realised just how bloody big that really is!

Here's a section from the frontispiece collage at retina display resolution. Compare it to...

...the same image on the old iPad display

But to really get a feel for how big the artwork has to be, click on the image below and make sure you look at it at actual size…

We’re still in the early days of these high resolution displays but I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long until Apple updates all of it’s MacBooks, iMacs & desktop monitors to full retina resolutions. And where Apple leads…

Yantouch Jellyfish LED lamp

The Yantouch Jellyfish LED lamp is my favourite LED colour changing light.

It’s a wonderful touch-sensitive multicoloured dome that would make a great Christmas gift. The company makes a whole load of interesting/weird light related gadgets – check out their site when you have a spare moment (it is unfortunately in Flash though…)

From iPod to… thermostat? The Nest

Some of the guys behind the iPod left Apple and set up their own company… and their first product is a thermostat.

Not just any old thermostat, as you can see from the picture above, they’ve probably designed the most beautiful thermostat ever. It’s well worth looking at their site to see just how much thought has gone into the project…

What I find exciting about it though is how much interest is being generated by the fact that somebody has bothered to rethink something we all use everyday – that can only be a good thing for the future of design.

zunicore graphics

I’ve just posted a few more graphics from the zunicore project that I’ve been working on over at Dribbble



Fantastic Retro 2001 A Space Odyssey Posters

Here’s a couple of beautiful vintage mock ads by Justin Van Genderen.

You can see more of Justin’s work over on his Flickr photostream. There’s also links there if you’d like to buy them as prints…

Daft Punk Mashup Visualizer

This is awesome.

If you’re a fan of Daft Punk you’ll love to listen to this mashup of 23 of their most popular tracks. If you’re a fan of good design, you’ll love the way the visualizer looks (static images don’t do it justice) as one track overlays another. If you like both, you’ll be in heaven…

Check it out.

Resistance 3 Designer Box Art

Sony have taken the bold step of using a ‘real’ designer to to come up with the packaging and promotional images for their upcoming PS3 game, Resistance 3.

The images that Olly Moss has produced are stunning in their simplicity and a world away from the normal rendered, sweaty, grime stained hero, explosion cliche that we’ve come to expect… Continue reading

Updated Portfolio

I’ve just updated my online portfolio again – specifically the identity section – to include a few more logos I’ve designed.

If you know anybody that needs some design help, feel free to point them in my direction :)

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