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Kiss Gene Simmons Painting

Dribbble have just introduced a PRO version for their members that allows you to upload and attach larger images then before.

So I thought I’d celebrate by uploading an old airbrush painting I did years ago of Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. If you’d like to see the full version click here or on the image above.


Dribbble invite winner

First off, a big thank you to everybody who entered.

Part of me wishes I’d never done it because it was really difficult to choose from such a talented bunch of designers. If I could give everybody invites I would…

But Trevor Brennan went a step further than everyone else, and as well as having a great portfolio also offered me some free beer (see above). Alright, it was the quality of the graphic rather than the offer of free beer that did it – I’m not that easy to bribe (plus he’s in Australia and I’m in the UK – it’s a long way to go for a free pint…)

So sorry to everybody else who wanted in but didn’t win – if I get any more invitations I might do something similar. Good luck guys, you all deserve to be on Dribbble anyway, so it’s just a matter of time…

Who wants a Dribbble invite?

I’ve got a spare Dribbble invite going if anybody wants one…

If you want a chance of winning it:

1. Retweet this message.

2. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your portfolio or examples of your work

3. Follow me on Twitter – @davehornsby

4. Follow me on Dribbble

I’ll announce the lucky winner back here in a week’s time.


e2x web site design

I’ve just posted a couple of shots of a client web site I’m working on over at Dribbble.


WorldClock logo

I’ve just posted a logo I’m working on to my Dribble account – have a look if you want a sneak peak of the rest of the project.


Dribble is an online showcase for designers that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Where Twitter asks ‘What’s Happening?’ and Facebook, ‘What’s on your mind?’, Dribble asks ‘What are you working on?’. Posts are restricted to 400 x 300 pixels and called ‘shots’ (they’ve got a neat little basketball thing going on). If you’re a designer it’s a great place to go for inspiration and to see what’s going on in the world of web, app and icon design. It’s also a great way of getting feedback on what you’re doing – sometimes, the life of a designer is a solitary one and it’s good to get some feedback…

My two most recent shots are above, click on either of them to view on Dribbble or click here for my full profile.

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