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Pocket – my new favourite app

Just a quick post to point you in the direction of the new app/service, Pocket.

It’s not actually brand new, being a relaunch rebranding of the old ReadItLater service. The idea is that as you browse the wonderful world of the internet, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and your RSS feeds you simply add anything that interests you to your ‘Pocket’ where it will be a available for offline reading later when you get the chance. You can sort, tag, favourite everything and of course, it all looks super-smooth.

Find out more on their here

A critical look at the iPad’s Music App

The iPad Music app – what happened?

When iOS 5 was announced there’s was lots of talk of all the exciting shiny new features but very little mention of any update to the iPad Music app – which was OK by me because it seemed to do pretty much everything I expected of it anyway. Then I spotted a few screens here and there and saw that it had had a graphical UI overhaul and caught some people moaning about the skeuomorphic UI design that Apple were busily slapping all over everything with iOS 5.

I’m not a huge fan of the fake leather and wood trim myself but at the end of the day, that’s just eye candy – what really matters is the UX, the user experience, and that’s something that Apple always excel at, isn’t it? So what the hell went wrong with the iPad Music app?

Apple haven’t just changed the look of the app they’ve made numerous changes to the way the app works, pretty much all of which have actually been a step backwards – some have removed existing functionality for no reason and others are just poor UI choices relating to button size, placement etc. Let’s have a look at some of them in more detail… Continue reading

iPad app Icons – The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp

Late last year I was lucky enough to be asked to design an iPad app collecting the work of Curtis Knapp.

Although the name sounded familiar, I couldn’t place him until I saw the images – then I realised that, as a music fan, I’d been familiar with his work for years. There’s a fantastic selection of music and movie icons on display here including Madonna, Andy Warhol, REM, Slash, Debbie Harry and many, many more. Continue reading

zunicore web site

I’ve just updated my Dribbble page with some of the work I’ve been doing recently for zunicore – a brand new cloud hosting company. Click here to view the project if you in interested.

OS X Lion’s new Application Windows view

I’ve been using Lion, Apple’s new operating system for a few days now and have really been enjoying exploring all the new features, but I stumbled across one a couple of days ago that I hadn’t seen mentioned before…

The new Mission Control combines elements of Exposé & Spaces into one view and, once you get your head round it, is an excellent way of seeing what’s going on on your computer. So much so in fact that I’d forgotten all about the old Exposé Applications view – this used to show you all the open windows for a specific application rather than everything, which was pretty useful if you had a lot going on… Now it’s been upgraded but seemingly with very little fanfare.

In the screengrab above you can see the large window at the top of the screen is my currently open window but the scrolling row of thumbnails below represents all the recently opened documents in chronological order – very useful! I’m not sure where Lion pulls this info from – you can delete your recent document history from the Apple menu and it has no effect on this. It would be nice to be able to edit it in an interactive way to make it a bit more useful but maybe that’s coming soon…

You can customise the keystroke or mouse button that invokes the command in the Mission Control system preference pane.

ActionNotes 1.3 Outstanding Action Points list

We’ve just released the latest version of ActionNotes (1.3) with by far the most requested new feature so far – that ability to see all outstanding Action Points in one place.

I’ve continued the real/virtual notebook metaphor by putting the list on the inside back cover and I’m quite proud of the way it’s been implemented. You can use the coloured buttons at the top of the screen as a filter to see all, or any combination of, your outstanding tasks.

If you’ve not tried the app out yet, why not download the PDF Guide that gives an overview of the app and features some of the early user feedback…

I’ve really enjoyed working out the UI on this app and seeing how far I can push the concept of the virtual notebook before it breaks. It seems to be working judging by most of the user feedback. As soon as people get their heads around the idea of how the information is structured, they’re swiping between inside covers, dividers and note pages as easily as they would with a real book.

Sky News iPad app

In case you’ve missed it, Sky have recently released their news app for the iPad.

I won’t really comment on the quality of the content but they’ve really tried hard with the interface to create something new and a bit different, specially designed for touch devices. Continue reading

Tron Legacy behind the scenes graphics

Futuristic user interfaces like those found in Tron and Minority Report don’t just design themselves…

Here’s a fascinating look at the amount of effort that goes into designing the this stuff

Secret iPad Multitouch gestures – not quite magical

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how you can add multi-touch gestures to your iPad running iOS 4.3. So I decided to give it a go…

Many people have been wondering why Apple built the functionality in but didn’t activate it but after trying it out on my iPad I think I know why. It’s just not ready for prime time yet but it’s not Apple’s fault…

In theory it’s great – use 4 or 5 fingers to swipe left and right between running apps, up and down to show/hide the multitasking apps bar and then pinch out to the home screen. They all work well and zooming out to the home screen is particularly impressive with your app icons coming in from all sides of the screen – great to do in slow motion :) Continue reading

e2x web site design

I’ve just posted a couple of shots of a client web site I’m working on over at Dribbble.


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