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BlueLounge Nests – brilliantly designed iPad stand

It’s not often I see something as well designed as these Nests from BlueLounge.

The Nest is a little angled tray with a brightly coloured rubber interior and a pull out section at the back. As you can see from the photos you can use it to support your iPad in either orientation, as a little rest for you iPhone or even as a little tray to hold some desktop clutter.

More photos after the break. Simple but brilliant – I’ve got one on order. Continue reading

The Grid-It organisation system

Designed by Cocoon, the Grid-It system is a really simple solution to keeping all your gadgets together when you travel.

It’s basically a weave of rubberised elastic bands that just hold everything firmly in place. Very versatile and there’s a useful zip up pocket on the back for anything else… available from Cocoon

Waldok – iPod speaker charger

I love the look of Waldok, a new little combination charging dock and speaker that just plugs straight into your power socket.

It’s another Kickstarter project and it looks like they’ve raised enough money already to go into production, so you should see these popping up everywhere in a few months.

Kor Hydration Vessels

OK, it’s just a fancy name for a water bottle, but they’re beautifully designed anyway…

Available in two sizes and several colours from Kor


The NoteSlate is a reusable e-paper display based notepad and if it turns out to be half as cool as it looks then I’ll be getting one!


Art du Temps Wall Clock by illi

These guys have got some beautifully designed products showcased on their beautifully designed web site.

They really look like they’ve been beamed back from the future – in fact I’m not even sure what some of it is! Well worth a look to see it in action, but don’t get your credit cards out just yet… the clock above will set you back $95,000… Continue reading

If Apple made pens they’d probably be like this…


... they be like the Lamy Pico white

My new Lamy Pico pen is a beautiful little thing.

Small enough to fit easily into a pocket, it expands to a much more useful size and the small metal badge is enough to stop it rolling off the desk. It’s available in a variety of colours… I (of course) went for the white enamelled version.

More info here.

AlessiTab: a beautiful Android Tablet

Italian designers Alessi have come up with their take on a tablet and, as you’s expect, it looks stunning.

I can’t wait to see one in the flesh (plastic?) but although it looks great I can’t imagine it it will be enough to convert me to Android. Maybe I could justify one to just sit and look cool in the kitchen?

Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Video Glasses

This is what you get when you let Lady Gaga design your glasses…

via Gizmodo


Tron Monster Headphones

I love these official Tron licensed headphones by Monster

But they’re too expensive and I’d be too embarrassed to wear them outside the house…


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