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Sky News iPad app

In case you’ve missed it, Sky have recently released their news app for the iPad.

I won’t really comment on the quality of the content but they’ve really tried hard with the interface to create something new and a bit different, specially designed for touch devices. Continue reading

A detailed look at the design of The Daily iPad app

Stephen Coles has put together a fantastically detailed overview of the design element of Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad app, The Daily.

Well worth a read in your interested in interactive design and user interface/experience.


The Daily iPad App

Rupert Murdoch’s much anticipated new iPad newspaper app, The Daily, launched today bringing with it a new subscription based sales model sure to be adopted by countless other digital magazines

Unfortunately for those of us in the UK, we can’t get our hands on it yet, but if you want a good idea of what to expect from a look and feel, user experience, point of view then this is the best article I’ve seen so far.

Sony’s new NGP user interface

It’s a sad day for user interface design when Sony’s elegant XMB (above) can be replaced with this travesty (below)

The original XMB interface was hailed by designers as a triumph of simplicity vs. usability and was reused by Sony for the PS3 and copied by countless media centre interfaces the world over. The new user interface looks like it was designed by a small child…

Sebastiaan de With sums it up eloquently on his blog here

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