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Pery Burge – gorgeous photos

I’ve recently discovered the amazing work of Pery Burge on Flickr

Check out her work – it’s quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. More after the break… Continue reading

Fantastic Lego Photos

Avanaut has got a fantastic set of atmospheric Lego photos over at Flick.

He specialises in Star Wars, Indian Jones with a bit of Blade Runner thrown in – all good stuff. Check them out.

Brilliant skeleton light paintings

Jannepaint is doing some brilliant light paintings (long exposure capturing a moving light source as a continuous trail – no studio trickery involved).

Love the skeleton theme. Check out his set over at Flickr.

Fossil wallpaper

Just posted a few new photos on Flickr and thought this one might make a good desktop wallpaper so I thought I’d include a link to a hi-res version here.

Just click on the pic above to get the large version – it should scale nicely to fit most screens…

Trick of the Light

I’ve just uploaded a bunch more photos to my ever expanding Trick of the Light set on Flickr. Depending on your point of view, you’ll either find them a fascinating exploration of the play of light captured un-retouched through the lens of a digital camera or a blurry load of old crap…

Merry Christmas Everybody

Just a quick post to say that I’ve just uploaded a set of Christmassy pictures to my Flickr account. Merry Christmas everybody – have a great holiday and be good to each other…
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