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BT – A Song Across Wires

Today I have mostly been listening to BT’s wonderful new album, A Song Across Wires.

If you already know BT then you probably know all about it and what to expect, if not then you really should take a listen and see what you’re missing out on.

The only problem from my point of view is that there’s 3 versions of the album but only 1 version of the cover artwork, so I made a couple of variations on a theme for my iTunes library and thought I’d post them here for anybody else that’s sad enough to care about that sort of thing…

Just click on either of them to grab the full size versions.

BT A Song Across Wires Continuous Mix BT A Song Across Wires Extended

If you haven’t got the album then it’s available on iTunes (regular & continuous mix) or BeatPort for the extended mixes. It’s his usual mix of great tunes, perfect production with a dash of added dubstep – good stuff.

For Nihon – a beautiful ambient compilation for a good cause

I bought a copy of this album yesterday. 100% of the profits are donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

The album features 38 tracks – new music from some of my favourite musicians, Ulrich Schnauss, Hammock & The American Dollar among other. If you’re into this sort of thing, it’s well worth a listen.

Grab a copy here.

Why do I like Lady Gaga’s new album so much?

I’m a straight, middle aged man, so why do I like Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way album so much?

You wouldn’t think I was her target audience, but the more I hear of it, the more I think that maybe I am. I don’t mean me specifically (as far as I know she’s never met me) but I think she’s being really clever and trying to extend her already massive appeal to a much wider audience.

This album has added a huge dollop of Euro-dance & 80s pop/rock into the mix – think, Cher, Journey etc. There’s guitars, synths and even a bloody saxophone. More importantly there’s lots of big tunes and catchy choruses. This is going to make her an even bigger star than she is already, and she deserves it. In these sad days of Pop Idol & Britain’s Got Talent, thank God for Lady GaGa. She as mad as a box of frogs and you never quite know what she’s going to do next (which is a good thing).

Daft Punk Mashup Visualizer

This is awesome.

If you’re a fan of Daft Punk you’ll love to listen to this mashup of 23 of their most popular tracks. If you’re a fan of good design, you’ll love the way the visualizer looks (static images don’t do it justice) as one track overlays another. If you like both, you’ll be in heaven…

Check it out.

Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Video Glasses

This is what you get when you let Lady Gaga design your glasses…

via Gizmodo


Tron Monster Headphones

I love these official Tron licensed headphones by Monster

But they’re too expensive and I’d be too embarrassed to wear them outside the house…


BT – These Hopeful Machines

Another of my favourite albums from 2010.

BT has always been difficult to categorise musically and, certainly in the UK at least, is something less than a household name. But that might change as his latest album, These Hopeful Machines has been greeted by massive critical acclaim and even nominated for a Grammy Award. It’s a double album where each track blends seamlessly into the next and with many of the tracks clocking in at around the 10 minute mark it’s sailing dangerously close to Prog Rock concept album.

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Grum – Heartbeats

A great little gem of an album – very 80s.

As we get to the end of 2010 I thought I’d have a look back at some of my favourite albums of the year (in no particular order…)

I first came across Grum via some of his remixes of other acts so I was eagerly awaiting his first album and it didn’t disappoint. From the opening track ‘Through the Night‘ to the closer ‘Someday We’ll Be Together‘ there’s not a single bad track.

Turn it Up sounds like some rare unreleased Madonna single from her early days (and that’s a good thing). Well worth checking out if you’re partial to a bit of melodic dance music with plenty of synths and singalong choruses.

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